Windows: Change Yourself From Admin to a Standard User

A practice that can help maintain security on your Windows machine is to not run as an Admin all the time.  It’s far more secure to run as a Standard User and when you need Admin privileges, you enter the credentials of a different user that is an Admin.

But what if you’ve already been running as an Admin for a while and have your account set up just how you like?

This was my thought process whenever I heard the advice of running as a Standard User instead of an Admin.

Next time I set up a machine for myself, I’ll set my main account as a Standard User…

But it turns out that was entirely misplaced hesitation because switching down to a standard user couldn’t be easier.

Simply create yourself an extra Admin account with a good password, and then in the Users section of the Control Panel, change the level of your own account down to Standard.  Done!

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