Filter Podcast Feeds

I’m an avid podcast listener and one of the most annoying things about podcasts is “rebroadcast” episodes and other atypical content slipped into the stream.

I’ve found myself hoping that one day my podcast app of choice (pocketcasts) would implement a filtering feature that would allow me to skip/auto-archive/hide episodes that match my specified keywords. But no.

Well, podcasts are distributed as simple RSS feeds. This means that if I could put a filtering agent in the middle of the RSS feed and my app, I can filter out episodes that I don’t want to listen to.

Well today I stumbled across, which does exactly that.

So all I needed to do was:

  1. Find the RSS feed of a given podcast (I search the pocket casts directory with a Google Search like so: showname)
  2. Set up a filter for that feed on siftrss: I want to "include" items where the "title" "does not match regex" "/(Rebroadcast|Between the Scenes|ICYMI)/i"
  3. Generate the filtered feed (“Feed Me”)
  4. Use Pocket Casts to subscribe to the filtered feed (simply search in the discover section for the full URL of the filtered feed)


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