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Why Start a Professional Blog

Being new to the blog world, this seems like a natural first post. So, what in the world made me want to do this? To start writing to an anonymous public, and at this early point, to actually be writing to well… no one?

Hopeful Benefits

I know that no one is going to come to my blog immediately.  It takes time.  I have no fantasy of people everywhere pushing others out of the way to get to a computer because the great Matthew Urch started a blog!  And as such, many of the reasons I chose to start this are eventual; they happen later.  What are they?

Becoming Known as an Expert

After enough posts, and somehow earning enough visits per day (with the wonderful assumption that my posts are high quality), visitors will start to get the feel that hey, this guy knows what he’s talking about.  Which would be a little tiny bit awesome.

Once that happens, it leads nicely to the next hopeful benefit.

Job Opportunities

This benefit is probably one of the last ones to come around from a successful blog, but it’s definitely not a con.  I won’t get angry if I check and there are a few emails from people who want to give me interviews.  I promise.

Anyways, my philosophy for job opportunities is anything that helps you gain the image of someone who knows what they’re talking about, is a good thing.  So if I can achieve the previous benefit, while some of my visitors are recruiters, I feel the dominos are placed in such a way that I can bring jobs to me.

Benefits Independent Of Views

Another way to think of this category is things that I will get out of this blog, just by it existing.  If I actively post on here, and no one visits it, do I still get anything from it?  I’d argue yes.

Better Writing Skills

The job of a developer doesn’t typically nurture excellent writing skills.  Or even plain communication skills.

while( point.isNotUnderstood() ) {
   point.make() ;

Code is written, but it’s purely logic based, and the emails tend to be short and to the point.  The documentation is often non-existent or worse than the code.

But a blog requires real English!  I’m an avid reader and have always toyed with the idea of writing a novel, retiring wealthily from the inevitable movie deal, but I’ve never taken a serious stab at it.  This blog gives me an outlet where I can write what I know.  And like anything, my writing skills will improve with practice.

A Deeper Understanding of a Subject

Whenever I come across a problem while coding, I’ll often fix it, quietly appreciate my genius, and move on.  If someone else comes across the same problem, even if that someone is a future me, there’s no written record anywhere to allow that someone to make use of my experience.  So with this I have a place to write it.

However, since this is a public outlet of my knowledge, I won’t simply write up a post with my steps.  I’ll research the problem, finding pros and cons, and best practices for actually solving the problem the best way possible.  The result will be a structured document with far more knowledge than I started with, and the process will have increased the knowledge in my brain.


Oh, and the whole thing seems fun!